Get in the Game Event

Today JJ Watt and the JJ Watt Foundation joined forces with United Health Care and the three local Boys and Girls Clubs in the Texas area to help fight childhood obesity.  The object of this event was to promote healthy living to children and get them active and eating right.  If you can start children out young with these key tips, it will be carried throughout their adult lives.

 The event was called “Get in the Game Event,” during this event 6 teams from 3 local Boys and Girls Clubs participated in a timed event where they had to work together to complete running, jumping, climbing, jumping rope and much more.  Once all teams had competed, a winner will be announced.
During this event, our foundation receive a wonderful donation for the United Health Care Group that will go to help many local children in the near future.  Along with the donation, all three participating Boys and Girls Clubs (roughly 200 children) will receive new equipment for their club location and backpacks for the children.
This event was a HUGE success and could not have been done without the help and contributions by the United Health Care Group.  Thank you again for all of your support and work putting this event together.
If you are interested in checking out more photos from todays event, check out our foundation Facebook Page.

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