Funding Requests


Four years ago, while J.J. Watt (now #99 for the Houston Texans) was still at the University of Wisconsin, he had a life-changing realization.  J.J. found out that other kids didn’t have access to the after school athletic opportunities he was afforded growing up, such as track, baseball, soccer and football to name a few.  It was then, that he decided he wanted to do something about it while he had such an overwhelmingly supportive fan base.

With the help of the University of Wisconsin Law Department Research team, the Justin J. Watt Foundation was born.  It is with great pride that I, along with a tremendous team of volunteers, help to carry out my son’s mission to provide after school athletic opportunities for middle school aged children in their community.

To be considered for after school funding for athletic equipment or programs, please fill out the funding request application. Your program must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be for a middle school program for kids in 6th – 8th grades.
  2. Must be for uniforms or equipment that will be returned to the school after that season, not kept by individual students.  More info on critical components is on our website.
  3. Must have a secure place to store the equipment.
  4. Must provide vendor invoices, purchase orders or quotes.
  5. Must provide the budget for the after school program for the previous 2 years.
  6. Must have the staff and space for the program.


We have donated over $600,00, and you could be next!   I look forward to hearing from you.  If you are a school or afterschool program for middle school aged kids is in need of funding, please complete the Funding Request Application and return it for review. Applications are reviewed quarterly (Jan., March, June and September).

Connie L. Watt, Vice President

Justin J. Watt Foundation