Charitable Funding Application for 6th-8th After School Programs

Charitable funding is reviewed quarterly in March, June, September, and December. Funds are limited and we may have to limit the dollar amount in order to fulfill applications. Due to the volume of requests, you will only be notified if your request has been approved or if we have additional questions. Please have your Athletic Director or Principal review your application before submittal so that we can make sure we are able to provide what each school is needing most.
School/Program Name: *
Grades in School (i.e. K-12, 6-8, 6-12,etc.): * Funds must be for after school programs for 6th-8th grade use and not PE classes.
Time of practice during school year: *
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If unsure, ask your finance dept. or check your W2.
School District: *

Please enter each sport for which you are requesting funding, along with the number of participating teams & students last year. *


# of Teams

# of Students

Is your school private?
Has your school ever applied or received funds from JJWF before? (Please check with A.D. or Principal)
How is your program currently being funded? *
Please upload the previous two years' budget showing amount allocated and expenses paid for the after school athletics (preferably separated by sport). If your program does not have a budget, please submit a letter stating that with all pertinent information (i.e. only busing and officials are paid for and uniforms are handed down from HS). This letter must be signed by the A.D. or principal and on school letterhead:
Attach Year 1 Budget:  
Attach Year 2 Budget:  

What is the athletic fee to participate in your after-school sport/program? *
Please attach all vendor quotes or estimates and fill in the total funds requested below.
Images of shopping carts are not accepted! You must have a quote, estimate or invoice from a vendor! All quotes for uniforms MUST include sizes, quantities, and a line stating the cost, if any, to put your school name on front, numbers on front and back, and the JJWF logo on the uniforms (have vendor contact us at for our logo if they don't already have it on file), along with any S/H fees. If the logo will be put on the uniforms at no cost, please ask the vendor to indicate that on the quote. Please also review and verify that each quote total is carried over and matches the final total, as well as the requested amount you have entered on the application.

If your application is approved in full of in part, the JJWF will send a letter to you (the applicant) congratulating you and detailing what was approved. We will also send to you, for each vendor, a letter for the vendor and a check payable to the vendor. Everything is then mailed to your attention and it is then your responsibility to place the orders and distribute the vendor letters and checks to their respective vendors to complete the orders.

Vendor Quote


Please describe for each sport you are requesting funds: your program needs, age/state of your current uniforms and/or equipment, and how many participants you had last year and expect this year. (1000 character limit)

Items considered to be a critical component for the students to participate in the activities include:
  • Uniforms with school name, numbers, & JJWF logo. These cannot be personalized with student names.
  • Safety equipment like helmets, pads, and wrestling or cheerleading mats.
  • Balls, bats, nets, and other equipment vital to the sport.
  • Reasonable storage equipment. For example, we will not fund ball carts, as mesh bags would serve an equal purpose.
Items not considered to be a critical component:
  • Video recorders, electronic timing equipment, electronic scoreboards, and most other electronic equipment.
  • Warm-ups, socks, mouth guards, and other non-essential or non-reusable clothing.
  • Student duffle bags, automatic ball returns, weight room equipment, and other non-essential or non-reusable equipment.
  • Coaching fees, transportation, fields, gyms, and storage locations.
  • Equipment that will be used by students in P.E. or outside of 6th - 8th grades.
If you are replacing existing equipment/uniforms, please upload a maximum of three pictures of your current equipment/uniforms below. Please make sure you have releases on file at the school for all students in the photos.
Attach 1st Picture:  
Attach 2nd Picture:  
Attach 3rd Picture:  
DISCLAIMER: If your application is accepted in part or full, the JJWF does not provide any staffing, transportation, insurance, etc. We only provide the funding for equipment and/or uniforms to help you to provide your program to the students. By signing this application, you are confirming the school has the necessary staff, fields and/or gyms (or funds if renting), and transportation (if necessary), as well as the funds necessary to sustain the program once provided the donation from the JJWF. You also confirm you have a secure place to store the equipment and/or uniforms being donated.
JJWF is a 501(c) 3 Tax ID #27-3516574
I have received the necessary approval from the school and/or district, if applicable, and therefore give my permission to place the following JJWF logo on the uniforms. The logo may be printed in one color to match the school uniforms.
I represent that all the information provided in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, as of . I furthermore represent that I have the authority of my institution to provide this information and to establish and/or operate the program(s) identified above.
I agree