Your support counts! Help us make a difference by giving middle school kids the opportunity to play after-school sports. Your donation will be used to purchase athletic equipment, safety gear and/or uniforms necessary for specific sports programs. The Justin J. Watt Foundation is a 501(c)3 foundation and all donations are eligible for a tax receipt. ALL DONATIONS MADE AFTER 5:00pm CT on Friday, September 15, 2017 will be put into the account to support After-School Athletic Program account that is our foundations original mission. Thank you to all those who supported the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.


The Justin J. Watt Foundation does not provide autographed or other items for outside auctions and/or fundraising events.  JJ personally chooses organizations that he wishes to support and handles that outside the foundation.  He cannot supply items to every benefit or fundraiser due to the sheer number of worthy causes.


We appreciate that JJ has so many amazing fans and foundation supporters! However, our incredible volunteers are dedicated to carrying out our mission and not fulfilling countless requests for personal meetings with JJ, autographs, special appearances, personal text messages, motivational speeches, school assemblies & class project involvement. Fan mail should be addressed to the Houston Texans. We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to accomplish our mission – allowing middle school kids to enjoy playing sports they may otherwise not be afforded.

Please also note that the Foundation does not forward email or personal mail to JJ or to the Houston Texans. We are also unable to arrange for personal visits, game tickets or business ventures unrelated to the Justin J. Watt Foundation.


Before contacting the Foundation, please take a moment to note that funding requests are only available to non-profit, child-focused organizations or middle schools providing after-school athletics. Although we know and appreciate that there are many wonderful and very worthy causes and organizations around the world in need of assistance, we simply cannot consider fulfilling other requests. Keep in mind we are simply one organization trying to make a difference, which means we have limitations as well. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we dedicate all of our resources and time to the youth athletic programs we support.


To contact the Justin J. Watt Foundation regarding after school athletics, please use our contact form. The Houston Flood Relief funding has been distributed to the four organizations that we have partnered with to make a significant impact to those in need. Therefore, please do not use this contact form to request flood funding. We appreciate your understanding.

Monetary donations are welcome for our After School Athletic Mission. We continue to receive applications for programs in need so we appreciate your donations to assist us with providing opportunities otherwise not afforded for our mission.

All interview requests for JJ need to go through the Houston Texans.