Bum Phillips’ words meant a lot to JJ Watt – ESPN.com

For JJ Watt, celebrating Bum Phillips’ life at his memorial service was a special experience. Having always taken Bum’s words to heart, Watt was particularly inspired by the way Phillips’ “Luv Ya Blue” Oilers captured the city of Houston. And with that as a driving force, JJ and the Texans are excited to work hard everyday to create that same kind of relationship with Houston and make the city proud. Article.

YES Prep Public Schools ready for the season thanks to JJWF!

JJWF had a wonderful tour of YES Prep Public Schools – East End Campus in Houston. We are excited to provide funding for basketball, track and volleyball equipment as part of the school’s comprehensive educational program that prepares low-income students for success in a four-year college. Best of luck to you in the upcoming sports seasons!