YES Prep Public Schools ready for the season thanks to JJWF!

JJWF had a wonderful tour of YES Prep Public Schools – East End Campus in Houston. We are excited to provide funding for basketball, track and volleyball equipment as part of the school’s comprehensive educational program that prepares low-income students for success in a four-year college. Best of luck to you in the upcoming sports seasons!

Funds from JJWF helps sports program

After attending the JJ Watt Charity Classic this past April which raised over $300,000 to support the foundation’s mission of providing after-school opportunities for children in the community, Matagorda Elementary sixth grade teacher Moria Gesford was able to turn around and help her own school receive a grant from the foundation to fund new sports equipment. You can read more about the story here.

JJ Watt: thank you for helping me be a game changer on and off the field!

“My goal has been and always will be to make you proud both on the field and off. I am very fortunate to have a platform through which I’m able to give back and help provide kids with an opportunity to work hard towards their dreams the same way I did. That wouldn’t be possible without the unbelievable amount of support from fans and generous donors. So to you, I say thank you. Together we will help change lives.” – J.J. Watt