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New Uniforms for the Indians!

Thanks to South Houston Intermediate of Pasadena Independent School District for sharing these wonderful photos with us! The girls soccer team looks great in the new uniforms we funded for them! Go Indians!! (South Houston Intermediate Athletics)        

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Dream big work hard!

Vice President of the JJWF, Connie Watt, had such a wonderful day meeting with the student-athletes in their new uniforms provided by the JJWF at Monday’s Pasadena Independent School District Board meeting! Such a great group of kids and Board members. Dream Big Work Hard!  

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Pirates receive JJWF donation

Congratulations to Spurger Elementary of Spurger Independent School District in TX for receiving our $8,757.13 donation for its volleyball, basketball, track & cross country teams! These funds are providing new uniforms and equipment for each individual team. Congrats to the Pirates!

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